This letter is submitted to communicate our disappointment with the Q&A published on page 38 in the July 6, 2007, General Aviation News titled, “Ask Paul: What’s the best oil for my engine?” One of our customers wrote in to us and complained about the content as this specific column mentioned Amsoil Inc. and did so in quite a negative light.

Contrary to what was published, Amsoil Inc. introduced an FAA licensed aviation oil for use in Lycoming and Continental engines in 1983, after nearly seven years of development and testing. In April 1986, we stopped selling it solely due to the high cost of liability insurance for this single aircraft related item that we sold. It’s been about 20 years since we sold it, but it was such a fantastic product that outperformed everything else on the market at the time that we still get calls for it today. Never did Amsoil AvOil have an issue with lead absorption or the “build up of gray tacky deposits in the ring belt and prop that caused control and oil consumption problems,” as written in your publication.

While Amsoil no longer makes any products recommended for the aviation market, we do manufacture and sell a full line of the highest quality synthetic lubricants and filtration products for all automotive, truck, power-sports, commercial and industrial applications. We also publish tests and white papers demonstrating comparative results to the name brands you might use on the market today. You can view them at Amsoil.com for further clarification about the superior performance of our products or to request more information.


Executive vice president and general manager

Amsoil Inc.

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