CAN flies 30,000th cancer patient

14926a Corporate Angel Network, the national public charity providing free air transportation to treatment for cancer patients by using empty seats on corporate and fractional aircraft, announced the flight of its 30,000th cancer patient on Oct. 15.

Liberty Mutual, a CAN supporter since 1991, flew Jennifer Aja-Thresher, a 54 year old lung cancer patient, from Atlanta to Houston’s M.D. Anderson Cancer Center where she will participate in a clinical trial.

Many cancer patients who might not otherwise receive the specialized treatment they require benefit from Corporate Angel Network flights. Patients fly to treatment in comfort, at no cost, and arrive relaxed and protected from the risk of infection associated with crowded commercial travel, said John Cooney, Director of Aviation for Liberty Mutual Insurance.

“We are proud to support Corporate Angel Network in the work it does, making life a little better for people battling cancer,” Cooney said.

Corporate Angel Network is a public charity that arranges free flights for cancer patients using empty seats on business aircraft. Since its founding 26 years ago, CAN has grown to include more than 500 participating corporations, five paid staff, and 50 part-time volunteers who work with patients, physicians, corporate flight departments and leading treatment centers to coordinate medical travel needs of cancer patients with the scheduled flight activity of participating corporations.

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