WAAS GPS Landing System certified

CMC Electronics‘ IntegriFlight CMA-5024 GPS receiver was certified recently by the FAA and Transport Canada to TSO-C145b Beta-3 and TSO-146 Delta-4.

The C145 Beta-3 is the most stringent category for Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) navigation receivers and the C146 Delta-4 category allows these receivers to provide precision approach guidance signals to the autopilot and instrument displays to execute a Localizer Precision with Vertical (LPV) approach, according to officials with the Montreal-based company.

The CMA-5024 is a rugged air transport quality WAAS/GPS receiver specifically designed for easy retrofit and adaptability, officials added.

The CMA-5024 provides Space Based Augmentation System/WAAS GPS navigation capability from departure to non-precision approach that will comply with published Communications, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) navigational mandates and growth provisions. When coupled with a compatible Flight Management System or the companion CMA-5025 control panel from Air Data, the CMA-5024 will provide LPV approach guidance identical to Instrument Landing system (ILS) localizer and glide slope signals, company officials said.

The IntegriFlight CMA-5024 has numerous interfaces conforming to ARINC 743A-4 and supports the new ARINC 743A-5/743B characteristics. As a sensor, the CMA-5024 provides high-performance position, velocity, and time supporting all Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) requirements, Primary Means Navigation, and Required Navigation Performance-Area Navigation (RNP-RNAV) capable Flight Management Systems, according to company officials.

The CMA-5024 is a self-contained GPS approach system that can host two cycles of the entire world-wide WAAS approach database. GPS Approach selection can be made from a suitable FMS or a dedicated control head (CMA-5025). The CMA-5024 provides ILS look-alike localizer and glideslope guidance signals, linear deviations, and Distance to Go for seamless integration with RNP operations, Distance Measuring Equipment look-alike Distance to Go to the Threshold Crossing Point, and supports analog avionics, autopilots and flight directors.

For more information: CMCElectronics.ca.

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