Aircraft Spruce adds fuel computer to line-up

Experimental aircraft owners can now increase the information available to them with a Flight Data Systems AFP-30, according to officials at Aircraft Spruce, which is now selling the three-in-one computer that provides performance information, fuel projections and outside air data.

Pilots will have access to the engine’s actual percent of horsepower, based on the manufacturer’s power chart, along with tachometer and manifold pressure indications. The fuel computer function, enhanced with GPS communications, displays miles per gallon, aircraft range and reserve (based on destination airport), along with current fuel flow. The air data read-outs include winds aloft information, true airspeed and mach number, altitude information including density altitude and vertical speed as well as total and saturated outside air temperature.

The display pages can be customized to show any four data items at one time. The AFP-30 is compatible with most handheld and panel mount GPS units. Data is continuously sent to panel mounted GPS units filling in the GPS’s data pages and increasing panel mount GPS capability.

The AFP-30 is designed to fit into a standard radio rack. It allows the pilot to set the engine to run at a specific percentage of horsepower, to see true airspeed, density altitude while taking the active runway and the display panel is readable in direct sunlight.

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