Good press continues for Icon

The good coverage of the Icon A5 continues with a feature story website. Click here to read the story.


  1. says

    SeaMax-USA is inviting everyone to join us at the Sport-Aviation-Expo January 22nd-25th in the sunny Sebring, Florida. You will find us at booth 508.

    Don’t wait to get your flying boat. SeaMax-USA have several S-LSA ready for immediate delivery.

    The aircraft price with basic instruments ready to fly. U$ 137,000.00 (S-LSA)
    We have 89 SeaMax flying worldwide at this time.

    Stay informed of the latest SeaMax USA newsletter @


    Carlos Bessa
    863-557 4457

  2. Don says

    This is really old news. You should focus on LSA that have been flying for years and are proven in the aviation community. If you are interested in doing a piece on a tried and true LSA please email me. Our company was founded by an Marine F-18 Carrier pilot, test pilot and company check pilot for USAir, and an aircraft designer. We have over 300 aircraft flying world wide and will be introducting the only Amphibious LSA made (we manufacture our own floats) at the Sebring LSA Expo January 22-25th.


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