Cirrus CEO to speak in Atlanta

What does the future hold for Cirrus Design and the aviation industry?

Cirrus CEO Alan Klapmeier will touch on these topics when he addresses the Atlanta Aero Club, Jan. 20.

Klapmeier, along with his brother Dale, founded Cirrus Design in 1984. The mid-wing kit evolved into certified mass-produced single-engine aircraft. First there was the SR20, followed by the SR22. In addition, the company is developing a single-engine jet known as the Cirrus Vision.

The company’s designs are known for having parachutes built into the airframes. When used properly, they allow the entire aircraft to float to the ground in an emergency. This extra safety feature has made Cirrus a top seller in the industry.

“The Cirrus Design Corp. is clearly a business school case study in how to successfully bring a new aircraft into the marketplace,” said Steve Champness, president of the Atlanta Aero Club. “Many manufacturers have tried and failed in attempts to introduce and produce new aircraft. However, Cirrus has not only been able to survive the rigorous FAA certification process, it has done so with new technology and leading edge innovations.”

Champness said the Atlanta Aero Club is looking forward to Klapmeier discussing the outlook for Cirrus in the coming year, including the status of its jet. Klapmeier also will give his views on the state of general aviation during the current economic woes.

“The health of general, business and commercial aviation is a primary concern to our members, who represent a broad cross-section of the industry,” Champness explained. “Atlanta and other key cities in Georgia are home to commercial air carriers, aircraft manufacturers and large aviation service, support and component manufacturing companies. Aviation is a key leading indicator to the state of our economy.”

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