King Air 350i debuts

Hawker Beechcraft Corp. has unveiled the Beechcraft King Air 350i.

The King Air 350i highlights four areas of interior upgrades: An advanced infotainment system, the Rockwell Collins Venue integrated Cabin Management System (CMS), which features video screens, iPod connectivity and more; a redesigned cabin; a multi-step noise reduction process that drops sound levels by 4 dBA; and
FlexCabin capability, a new way of reconfiguring the cabin, increasing mission flexibility.

The King Air 350i is the first turboprop on the market to sport the Rockwell Collins Venue cabin management system, company officials note. The system supports multiple devices, including DVD, CD and MP3 player, Apple iPod, Sony PlayStation and Xbox 360 gaming consoles, laptop computer, digital and video camera, USB data-storage devices and future HDMI devices.

The new system features a 15.3-inch swing-out monitor in the forward entertainment cabinet with wide-screen display showing digital hi-definition video and entertainment. High-definition screens at each seat location can be added. Nine programmable switch panels control the Blu-ray disk, CD and MP3 Player, audio and video jukebox, 3-D Airshow moving map and flight information. Cabinets are also equipped with standard USB charging ports and docking station for travelers’ Blackberry, cell phone, camera and iPod.

The updated interior includes all-new headliner, seat tailoring and tables, electrochromic window darkeners, LED lighting, increased legroom, and optional seat warmers. In addition, the King Air 350i includes an optional vanity in the aft lavatory area that incorporates a variety of toiletry storage areas, running water, automatic LED lighting and dual mirrors, and is located next to the King Air 350i’s in-flight accessible baggage area for total passenger privacy and convenience.

FAA certification is planned for the third quarter of 2009. First delivery is expected in the second quarter, with European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) certification expected in the first quarter of 2010.

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