Maintenance seminar for owners set

SunState Aviation Flight School at Florida’s Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM) has recently introduced a two-day Aircraft Maintenance Course for aircraft owners and pilots.

The course is taught by Jack Mears, a licensed pilot and A&P mechanic who holds an Inspector Authorization (IA).

“This course is designed for pilots and aircraft owners wanting to know more about the operation of their aircraft and the maintenance that can be accomplished by a pilot,” Mears said.

Pilots will learn how to change oil, filters, tires, spark plugs, safety wire and other preventative maintenance procedures through hands-on instruction. They also will learn how to better operate, trouble-shoot and handle malfunctions in an aircraft, even if someone else performs the actual maintenance. A session on maintenance human factors and how to communicate with maintenance professionals is also included.

Price: $550, which includes all training materials.

For more information: 407-944-3592 or

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