Hartzell props available for RVs

Van’s Aircraft now offers Hartzell Propeller’s new ASC-II advanced composite constant speed propellers on its current line.hartzell1rv-10

Van’s RV models powered by Lycoming -360 engines will accept the new Hartzell two-blade ASC-II composite props, while the RV-10 (pictured) with Lycoming -540 powerplants can use the new three-blade composite propeller.

Builders can order the propellers direct from Van’s Aircraft. Van’s lists the two-blade at $10,920, while the three-blade is $15,220.

For more information: VansAircraft.com or HartzellProp.com


  1. Doug Rodrigues says:

    Composit is nice, but $11,000? Wow! Think I’ll get the old metal model.

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