Soloy celebrates 40 years

Soloy Aviation Solutions of Olympia, Wash., is celebrating 40 years with a landmark turbine engine delivery and a third-party STC enhancement for one of its many products.

Soloy shipped its 97th Honeywell LTS101 engine conversion for the AS350 to Heliswiss this week. Soloy worked alongside Honeywell to certify the Honeywell LTS101-600A3-A engine installation into the AS350BA and the Honeywell LTS101-700D-2 for installation into the AS350B2, according to Soloy officials, who note the conversion leads to “significant operating and maintenance cost reductions compared to the factory installed engine.”

Additionally, Flint Aero Inc.’s Extended Wing Tip Fuel Tanks received European Aviation Safety Agency approval in February for the Soloy Cessna 206 Mark I. The tanks allow Soloy Mark I operators to extend their range by carrying an additional 30 gallons of useable fuel. Operators upgrading the aircraft with Flint Tip Tanks will increase the aircraft’s gross weight and useful weight allowance by 200 lbs. and 170 lbs respectively.

Flint Aero Extended Wing Tip Fuel Tanks, manufactured by Flint Aero Inc. of El Cajon, Calif., received approval for the Soloy Mark I Feb. 3.

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