Freeflight unveils RAD-40

FREEFLIGHT SYSTEMS RAD-40 RADARFreeFlight Systems has introduced a new radar altimeter display, the RAD-40.

The panel-mount digital display provides a pilot with a precise readout of the aircraft’s height above ground level on an LED readout. The new display includes a pilot-selectable Decision Height (DH) and five additional trip points (from 100-1,000 feet), all with discrete outputs designed to control an audible tone or interface to third party equipment.

“When flying in degraded weather conditions, pilots find themselves in task-saturated situations which is why we designed the RAD-40 to be clear, bright, and easy to read with reliable warnings when both decision height and pre-set warning altitudes are met,” states Robert Schneier, COO, FreeFlight Systems.

A Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible display also is available. For certain installations, a display mounted in a round faceplate adapter also is offered as an option.

Price: $2,525 when purchased with an RA-4500 or RA-4000 and $2,995 when purchased separately.

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