Digital edition of Pilots Guide debuts

pilotsguideOptima Publications LLC, publishers of “Pilots Guide to California Airports,” now has a digital edition available online.

Subscribers can use any web browser to access the current version of all pages in the guide.

The online edition provides the same information in the same format. It also includes direct links to Pilots Guide’s Additional Changes System, which provides instant access to any significant information that may have changed since the last published revision. It also includes links to FBOs, the FAA and other airport business Internet sites.

The online edition provides page downloads and printing options for pilots who wish to have a hard copy to take with them. It also has a quick search feature that allows users to find FBOs, car rentals, hotels, or fuel brands.

Subscriptions to the Online Edition are available at a special introductory rate of $13 a year to current Pilots Guide subscribers. Each subscriber is provided with a Custom URL (link) for immediate access to the online edition.

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