Husky fitted with P.K. floats

Husky with PK Floats2 P.K. Floats has completed the certification process for a new amphibious float design that can be used on all Husky 180-hp and 200-hp aircraft.

The aluminum floats weigh 409 pounds, but only add 295 pounds after the landing gear is removed, according to Aviat officials. The PK2250A floats do not require a ventral fin, saving owners $3,600 and re-installation every season.

P.K. Floats also has completed flight testing and applied for a gross weight increase that will boost the Husky from its current 2,200 pounds to 2,400 pounds.

The new floats feature rear hydroboosters and forward chine hydroboosters that promote stability and quicker liftoff. The float’s wheels have a newly designed double puck breaking system to improve stopping power and breaking distance on runways. Each float has a 50-pound storage compartment with flush hatches that have a neoprene seal to eliminate leakage. Water rudders are made of composite materials and all fittings are of stainless steel. The hydraulic pump for the floats is located in the floats, removing it from the typical installation in the aft section of the aircraft eliminating weight and complexity to the system.

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