Glasair brings back 1970s pricing

Glasair Sportsman Glasair Aviation is offering six “Two Weeks To Taxi” Sportsman 2+2 aircraft at more than 25% off the normal price on a first-come, first-served basis.

For $118,999 customers can build a Sportsman with a 180-hp Lycoming O-360, a Sensenich fixed-pitch propeller and VFR instrument panel through the “Two Weeks to Taxi” program. Upgrade to the fuel-injected IO-360 and a Hartzell constant speed prop is $124,999.

“In this economic climate customers sometimes forgo buying unless there is a compelling reason to do so,” said Mikael Via, CEO of the Arlington, Wash.-based company. “We’ve just provided a substantially compelling reason to buy a Sportsman – a 25% discount on a brand new, high utility/high performance airplane. For this brief moment and for a limited number of customers, Glasair is bringing back 1970s pricing.”

Glasair recently expanded their Two Weeks to Taxi services to offer the pilot/builder community a number of time saving services for discounted pricing. For example, Glasair offers a three-day Firewall Forward installation program where Glasair, Glastar and Sportsman customers bring in their fuselage, engine, mount, prop and spinner and utilize the Two Weeks To Taxi processes and fixtures to install all firewall forward components and accessories in just three days.
Another program offers customers the Two Weeks To Taxi facilities to builders who want to complete their wings in only three days. Both programs are priced more than 30% off Glasair’s normal builder-assist pricing.

For Glastar and Sportsman owners who already have their aircraft flying, more savings are available in a two-day program that allows builders to upgrade their instrument panels. Similar deals are available for interior installations and upgrades.

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