Cirrus chooses Garmin for jet

Cirrus Aircraft has selected Garmin as its avionics provider for production models of the Vision SF50 personal jet.The Vision flying test aircraft, V1, will have the Cirrus Perspective by GarminTM avionics system installed in early April — the same as is available on the SR-series of piston aircraft by Cirrus — and continue its flight test schedule.

“Avionics are the key component of the pilot-aircraft interface,” said Brent Wouters, Cirrus president and CEO. “The response to Cirrus Perspective by Garmin in our piston aircraft has been extremely positive. With Cirrus Perspective, Garmin and Cirrus worked together to develop the right avionics solution for our customers in a new Garmin system. Our joint development approach was the hallmark of Cirrus Perspective and we’ll go down a similar path as we evolve that same platform for the Vision personal jet.”

The Vision development program continues to make measured progress in many other areas as well, company officials said. V1 is averaging five flight tests per week through the winter at the company’s headquarters in Duluth, Minn., and has completed more than 200 engine run hours and nearly 140 actual flight test hours. Flight test milestones near the end of 1Q’09 include finalizing power on and power off stall tests; establishing the full CG range; assessing anti-ice system characteristics; further refining aircraft stability and control for V1; and evaluating wing root vortex generators.

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