Sonex offers discount incentives

sonex_st_0788_cut-away_300Sonex Aircraft, LLC now offers a Sub-Kit discount incentive for Sonex or Waiex Tail Kit purchasers.

Builders who begin construction with the purchase of a Tail Kit may receive a $2,000 discount by purchasing all remaining Sub-Kits in a single purchase.

“Sonex and Waiex Sub-Kits were originally intended for builders who wish to spread their construction costs over time, however, we have received feedback from many builders who intend to use our Tail Kits as a way to preview Sonex and Waiex kits and plans, and gain confidence in their building skills before committing to a purchase of the entire aircraft kit,” said Jeremy Monnett, CEO.

Sub-Kits allow potential builders to get started with a minimal initial investment and gives them an opportunity to see the level of detail and simplicity designed into Sonex Aircraft, Monnett added.

tail_kit_6259_300Potential builders also can evaluate Sonex Aircraft by attending a Sonex Aircraft Builder’s Workshop. Workshops are held several times a year at the Sonex Aircraft facilities in Oshkosh, Wisc. The weekend workshops include informational sessions about design and engineering, engines, propellers, instruments, reading Sonex Aircraft plans, tools, key building tips, aircraft registration and insurance, flying Sonex Aircraft, and more.

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