Professional throttle quadrants for home flight sims debut

simthrottleVR Aircraft Inc. (VRAC) has introduced a Boeing replica throttle quadrant to its range of PC-based flight simulator products.

The new throttle quadrant includes individual engine throttles, analog elevator trim, thrust reverser actuation with detent lockouts, flap control, speed brake, auto throttle cutout, and engine/fuel switches.

Throttle quadrants are available in single or multi-engine piston propeller, turbine propeller, and jet versions. All models are fully assembled, and include USB joystick interface for plug and play. Additional options are available such as full throttle pedestal, analog elevator trim wheel, speed brakes, engine/fuel switches, speed brake, etc.

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  1. shahzad khan says

    i am intrested in this throttle, what will be the prise of this in pounds or dollar please send prise by email i want to buy this for home flying

  2. Tony Selario says

    Wow ! Now that is the most realistic Boeing-style throttle quadrant I have ever seen, and if I had known of its existence a few months back, I definitely would have purchased this beauty instead of my GoFlight TQ6 throttle quadrant, which now looks home-made in comparison.

    Dang, I might just go ahead and buy this product anyway, and use my TQ6 on another setup, if I can’t sell it.

  3. aqib says

    I want to buy throttle, elevator wheel and rudder padel for my home flight simulation for “Flight Simulator X” I want to use this for Boieng 737-400, can you please contact me? reply by e-mail or contact at my cell fone “00974-5382671”

    best regards

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