Avidyne launches Piper upgrade, unveils autopilot

Avidyne Corp.’s new Entegra Release 9 Integrated Flight Deck (IFD) will soon be available as a retrofit upgrade for Piper PA-46 4Meridian, Mirage, and Matrix aircraft.

“Entegra Release 9 is ideally suited as a next-generation flight deck upgrade to meet the mission profiles of the high-performance Piper PA-46 aircraft,” said Patrick Herguth, Avidyne’s chief operating officer. “These aircraft are single-pilot IFR workhorses and Release 9’s easy-to-use FMS and its fully-redundant system architecture dramatically reduce pilot workload and increase safety.”

The Entegra Release 9 retrofit for Piper PA-46 Meridian and Mirage aircraft includes three XGA high-resolution IFD5000 displays. In addition, Release 9 features Avidyne’s dual-redundant FMS900w systems with FMS control/display unit, next-generation fully-digital VHF NAV/COM radios and dual WAAS/RNP-capable GPS receivers.

Initial upgrades of Entegra Release 9 into existing Entegra-equipped PA-46 aircraft are expected in early 2010 pending certification.

In other news, Avidyne unveiled its attitude-based DFC100 Digital Flight Control System, which is targeted specifically for installation in Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft.

Avidyne’s DFC100 is an integrated flight computer and control panel that is designed as a plug-and-play replacement for existing STEC 55X flight computers. It is compatible with Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft that have upgraded to Entegra Release 9.

When the DFC100 is added to the Entegra Release 9-equipped Cirrus aircraft, there’s no additional wiring and therefore virtually no aircraft down time required to upgrade to the ADAHRS-driven attitude-based autopilot, said company officials.

The DFC100 has the standard vertical and lateral modes of operation of a turbine-class autopilot system, including Flight Director (FD), Altitude Hold (ALT), Airspeed Hold (IAS), Vertical Speed Hold (VS), Heading (HDG), and Navigation (NAV, LOC/GS, GPSS), officials add.

With Release 9, the DFC100 supports Avidyne’s FMS Vectors mode, which allows the pilot to remain coupled during air traffic control (ATC) vectors operations without having to manually change autopilot modes. The DFC100 also includes a “Straight & Level” button which overrides all autopilot modes, leveling the wings and engaging altitude hold for an added measure of safety in the event of an emergency situation where the pilot gets disoriented or prior to activating the Cirrus’ parachute.

Certification of the DFC100 retrofit in the Cirrus is expected in 2010. Price is $14,990.

For more information: Avidyne.com

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