Wasilla man wins Husky

img_5872R.C. Cline of Wasilla, Alaska won the Alaska Airmen’s Association 2009 raffle aircraft. The Aviat Aircraft Husky A-1B has lots of equipment that make it a great backcountry aircraft.

Cline was supposed to be out on a flight, but was able to juggle his schedule to make it to the May 2-3 trade show and he bought his single ticket about three hours before it was selected. Bet he’s happy he made it to the show. Congratulations R.C.


  1. RC Cline says:

    The Alaska Airmen’s Assn. has been giving away a brand new aircraft for 12 years. I was the FIRST one to actually be there when the drawing was made. I almost passed out! A wonderful organization that does a lot for general aviation throughout Alaska, the “AAA” finally got me to commit to a membership; I have been wanting to join for over 20 years but have simply been too lazy. I signed up for a family membership on the spot. I had returned early from a trip to JFK, and wasn’t even supposed to be at the show. I turned down a dinner invitation, and they didn’t believe I simply wanted a chance at the aircraft instead; until I called right after winning! I am so blessed.

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