Wasilla man wins Husky

img_5872R.C. Cline of Wasilla, Alaska won the Alaska Airmen’s Association 2009 raffle aircraft. The Aviat Aircraft Husky A-1B has lots of equipment that make it a great backcountry aircraft.

Cline was supposed to be out on a flight, but was able to juggle his schedule to make it to the May 2-3 trade show and he bought his single ticket about three hours before it was selected. Bet he’s happy he made it to the show. Congratulations R.C.


  1. RC Cline says

    The Alaska Airmen’s Assn. has been giving away a brand new aircraft for 12 years. I was the FIRST one to actually be there when the drawing was made. I almost passed out! A wonderful organization that does a lot for general aviation throughout Alaska, the “AAA” finally got me to commit to a membership; I have been wanting to join for over 20 years but have simply been too lazy. I signed up for a family membership on the spot. I had returned early from a trip to JFK, and wasn’t even supposed to be at the show. I turned down a dinner invitation, and they didn’t believe I simply wanted a chance at the aircraft instead; until I called right after winning! I am so blessed.

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