Jeppesen Concierge takes off

WhiteConcierge, a global B2B concierge and lifestyle management company, has been chosen as the provider for Jeppesen Concierge — a new offering that gives pilots and their passengers access to the highest levels of concierge service for everything from personal emergencies to reservations to a virtual private assistant. Jeppesen Concierge will be offered as part of the Jeppesen International Trip Planning Service and is available to all Jeppesen customers.

Jeppesen provides a wide range of services to business aircraft operators, including international trip planning, fuel, navigation solutions, weather services, fuel-optimized flight planning and more. The new partnership with WhiteConcierge will enable aircrew and passengers to access a range of services ranging from replacing a lost passport, emergency cash when a wallet or bag is stolen or misplaced, car services, legal and medical referrals, restaurant bookings and more.

“Pilots are regularly facing time pressure,” said Will Holroyd, managing director of WhiteConcierge. “This service is specifically designed to support the pilot with non-aircraft specific requests – requests that can be difficult and time consuming to resolve without the right resources.”

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