Wicks refocuses on 35th anniversary

wicksAfter completing construction of a Rand KR-2 in only three months back in 1974, Martin Wick, who owned the Wicks Organ Co., decided there was room for an aircraft supply company that would cater to homebuilders. That was 35 years ago, and since Wicks Aircraft Supplies was created, the company has seen steady growth.

The company is run today by Martin’s son, Scott.

“We’ve always kept it kind of low key,” said Scott, “but that’s about to change. Wicks Aircraft Supplies is going to be setting up a number of builders’ workshops for people who want to learn about the skills required for building an aircraft. We’re going to be developing homebuilder tool kits and starter kits for people who want to experience their own introduction to composites, welding, or working with aluminum, wood or fabric. Wicks will be featuring aircraft completed by our customers on our website, and we’re going to set up a chat room exclusively for builders. There will be a new website this year that provides insight into the selection of a scratch-build versus a kit-build project. Wicks is eager to draw new and younger people into the world of homebuilt aircraft.”

Wicks has begun an aggressive program to expand the items on hand that can be used by homebuilders and people restoring aircraft, he added.

Copies of the company’s catalog are free. The entire catalog also is online.

For more information: 800-221-9425 or WicksAircraft.com.


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