Flight Design Pilot Centers take off

ctls-top-frontFlight Design recently rolled out its new Flight Design Pilot Center concept to meet the needs of training institutions.

“We were pleased at the response of flight school owners and saw that during an economic downturn, schools were searching for more cost-efficient trainers,” said Matthias Betsch, CEO of Flight Design GmbH, the German supplier of the CTLS and MC Light-Sport Aircraft models.

“Our Flight Design Pilot Center (FDPC) program is a complete, professional package of elements needed by large and small schools,” added Tom Peghiny, president of Flight Design USA.

Primary components include a Flight Design-branded learning system of books and DVD instructions; a PC-based flight simulator with specialization for the CTLS; and a “First-Aid Kit” for flight schools, which provides them with a starter kit of commonly needed maintenance items to reduce CTLS downtime to a minimum, he said.

Flight Design engaged ASA and its expert, Paul Hamilton, to create training items and study guides. While X-Plane software, which is available for PC-, Mac-, or Linux-based computer operating systems, was tapped for the flight simulator.

For more information: FlightDesignUSA.com.

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