Updated IA test preparation products now available

Inspection Authorization (IA) candidates now have newly updated tools to help them prepare for and pass the FAA IA Knowledge Exam.

asaiaAvailable in two formats, the Inspection Authorization Test Prep (book) and Inspection Authorization Prepware (software) provide Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) with all the information needed to pass the FAA’s exam for inspection authorization, and helps candidates become familiar with the privileges and limitations of this highest level of maintenance certification. More than 400 questions typify those that candidates are likely to encounter when taking the IA Exam. The questions and answer choices are supported with explanations, and the FAA references from which the questions are derived are identified for students who wish to study them further.

New for the Inspection Authorization Test Prep Fifth Edition is an Internet element that provides readers with additional tools and resources.

The IA exam is different from other FAA exams in that it remains a “closed test”- the exact database of questions is not available to the public.

Price: $29.95 (book), $49.95 (software).

For more information: 800-ASA-2-FLY or ASA2Fly.com.

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