New TV series: The Aviators

A new television series targeting the aviation community will get nationwide US distribution to all 320 Public Broadcasting Stations when it premieres in 2010.

“The Aviators is something that the aviation industry really needs right now,” said Executive Producer Anthony Nalli.

The series, shot completely in high definition, will feature correspondents from within the aviation community to add credibility to the reporting, Nalli continued. The series will profile the “people, the places, and the planes of the North American aviation industry.”

The series was created by veteran aviation television producer John Lovelace (creator of “Wings Over Canada” and Global TV’s “Driving Television”). Nalli and Lovelace have been developing the project since last year while working on the John Lovelace Cross Country Century Flight, a cross-country journey of 100 aircraft taking place in July 2009.

“There are literally hundreds of stories that have never been told and people just can’t get enough of TV featuring airplanes and pilots,” said Lovelace.

Pre-production of The Aviators began in Toronto and Vancouver in April and shooting continues throughout the summer of 2009. The show will premiere across North America in 2010.

For more information: TheAviators.TV.

To view a promo: watch?v=ypaTe8tcbvI

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