Disabled veterans contribute to Veterans Airlift Command

The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust recently awarded a $35,000 grant to the Veterans Airlift Command, itself a charity which coordinates a national network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots to provide air transportation for medical and other compassionate purposes to wounded service members and their families. It was the second grant awarded to the organization by the Charitable Service Trust.

“We appreciate the support of the DAV, and feel fortunate to have a mission that closely aligns with and supports the mission of the DAV to build better lives for disabled veterans and their families,” said Veterans Airlift Command AirBoss Walter L. Fricke. “We are continuing to grow as funding allows. As a result, we are able to do more to reach out to our hospitalized veterans and get them to places they need to go.”

“The Charitable Service Trust recognizes the vital services provided by the Veterans Airlift Command,” said Chairman Richard E. Marbes. “Each year, the Trust awards grants to programs that provide direct services and care to our nation’s disabled veterans.”

Since the VAC was established in 2006 it has flown 1,350 wounded veterans more than 750,000 miles. In 2008, more than 550 passengers were flown 325,000 miles.

For information or to make a contribution: Walt Fricke, 952-582-2911, Walt.Fricke@veteransairlift.org or visit www.veteransairlift.org

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