Bill Introduced to Give GA Direct Input to TSA Rulemaking

General aviation interests will have a direct say into the security measures for large aircraft if a bill introduced by a Pennsylvania Representative moves its way into law.

Rep. Charles Dent introduced a bill June 29 to require the Transportation Security Administration “to engage in a negotiated rulemaking process for creating a security regimen for general aviation aircraft.” The Republican Representative was joined by eight other members of the House in introduction of the bill. They include Rep. John Mica of Florida and Thomas Petri of Wisconsin, Ranking Minority Members of the full House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and of the Aviation Subcommittee, respectively. Two Democrats are included in the co-sponsors. They are Rep. Dennis Moore of Kansas and Ed Perlmutter of Colorado. Other co-sponsors are Rep. Vernon Ehlers of Michigan, a co-founder of the general Aviation Caucus, Rep. Candice Miller of Michigan, and Rep. Pete Olson of Texas.

The bill was referred to the House Committee on Homeland Security.

Ed. Bolen, President and CEO of National Business Aviation Association, was quick to thank the Representatives and welcome the proposed bill. “This legislature shows that Congress understands that we can accomplish more good if we work together rather than separately,” he said.

Since TSA announced its Light Aircraft Security Program last October, NBAA and other general aviation groups have sought a specific means of working with TSA to develop programs that will insure security without undue and unnecessary burdens on general aviation users.

If it moves through Congress, the bill will give GA interests a committee-like group to work directly with TSA. Whether or not the bill moves, it provides the TSA with the sense of several members of Congress.

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