Accelerated training programs for Cirrus Perspective debut

AFIT, an accelerated flight training organization, has launched new s accelerated flight training programs for Cirrus aircraft equipped with the new Perspectiveavionics by Garmin.

AFIT has senior instructors specializing in the Cirrus aircraft and owner, according to Tony Montalte, president and general manager. Each senior instructor averages 30 years CFI experience, he noted.
Cirrus Standardized Instructor Program (CSIP) senior instructors have been teaching accelerated instrument training programs for a minimum of nine years, he added.

CSIP was designed to provide the necessary tools and skills to teach in this technically advanced aircraft. The Cirrus Perspective strongly resembles the Garmin G1000, though it is clearly different and specifically tailored to the aircraft. All of the major components, the PFD, MFD, and autopilot control panel, are new and unique to Cirrus.

The Cirrus Perspective course is an 11-day accelerated course, with a check ride on the 11th day.

Other Cirrus training and services offered by AFIT include Cirrus Transition Training, Annual Cirrus Currency, Biannual Flight Reviews, Aircraft Delivery, and Acceptance of Aircraft at the factory.

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