$900,000 for Washington state airports

WSDOT Aviation has awarded $900,000 in Local Airport Aid grant funds to 35 airports for 41 different projects. Despite a significant projected decline in aviation revenues, WSDOT Aviation was able to use approximately $288,682 to leverage $11.2 million in federal funds, bringing the combined state, local and federal grand total to more than $12.6 million.

Funding Breakdown

  • State: $900,721
  • Federal: $11,266,360
  • Local Match: $464,467
  • Total: $12,630,548

WSDOT awarded airport grants in the following areas:

  • Pavement – 87 percent
  • Safety – 9 percent
  • Maintenance, Planning, and Other – 3 percent
  • Security – .5 percent

WSDOT’s grant program is funded through an 11-cent-per gallon fee on aviation fuel, along with aircraft registration fees.

WSDOT anticipates awarding a similar amount during its second round of 2009-2011 Local Airport Aid grants in April 2010. The department will solicit applications for that round during February and March 2010.

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