New app provides flight time calculations

Coradine Aviation Systems has released OnTime for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch.

With the OnTime application, pilots select departure and arrival airports, enter either desired departure or arrival time and OnTime instantly calculates the other in local time, as well as distance, duration and fuel required.

“We had a number of pilots ask if we could create a flight time calculator which took into account time zone changes,” said Noah Lieberman, CEO.

OnTime has a database of more than 27,000 airports and a search facility using airport ID, name or city. It includes airport details, from beacon type, to elevation, to runway information and hours of operation.

Pilots can also customize average cruise speed, fuel units and fuel burn for initial and remaining hours, as well as time and fuel bias to get an accurate estimate of fuel required.

Ontime is available on the iTunes App Store for $14.99.

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