ForeSight brings enhanced vision unit to market

ForeSight EVS

ForeSight EVS

SportairUSA has introduced the ForeSight EVS (enhanced vision system) to the experimental marketplace. The unit will retail for $7,495 to $9,995, depending upon the customer’s choice of cockpit display.

ForeSight EVS unitThe package includes: camera, wiring harness and a choice of cockpit displays (7” Springer, slide-out LCD monitor which may be mounted in the panel or on the glare shield, or the 5” Flipper, an FAA approved folding display for glare shield mounting). The ForeSight will also display on the screen of any EFIS or MFD that accepts an external video feed.

The faired housing mounts like an antenna on any suitable upper or lower surface of wing or fuselage. “We are focused on safety above all else. Our decision to develop an affordable forward-looking-infrared system is the next step for SportairUSA, bringing the cost of this remarkable technology within reach of those of us who fly primarily for fun,” noted Bill Canino, SportairUSA’s president.

For more information call SportairUSA at 888-359-7572.

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