New avionics from Val Avionics

Val Avionics INS 429 (top) and COM 2000 (bottom)

Val Avionics INS 429 (top) and COM 2000 (bottom)

Val Avionics has introduced the COM 2000 and the INS 429. These avionics represent the first new line from Val Avionics this decade.

The COM 2000 is a panel-mounted COM radio featuring dual concentric knob controls and displays active and standby frequency with push button flip-flop, and a manual squelch control. It has a large display that is easy to read from any angle, and in any lighting condition.

The INS 429 is a multi-function, fully integrated navigational instrument. The unit sports its own internal receivers, and will also display course deviation information from an external NAV or GPS source.

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