COPPERSTATE Fly-In to Host Fuelventure 400

The Casa Grande, Arizona-based COPPERSTATE Fly-In will include the Fuelventure 400 on October 24. This event is a competition to determine the most fuel efficient aircraft. The intent of Fuelventure 400 is to spawn competition for fuel efficiency improvements.

The competition is simple: each aircraft and passengers are weighed. Each entrant then flies a 400-mile triangular course. Upon completion, the aircraft and passengers are again weighed and the difference in weight is fuel burned. Calculations are performed and two types of awards are given. One set of awards are based on the CAFE Foundation formula which gives credit for cruise speed and passenger payload. The other set of awards are for pure miles per gallon.

Over $1,000 in prize money will be given to the top finishers in each weight class. There will be no entry fee, but liability coverage is required. This event is open to all aircraft.

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