Van’s RV-12 earns S-LSA certification

Van's Aircraft RV-12

Van's Aircraft RV-12

Van’s Aircraft RV-12 was awarded a Special Light Sport Aircaft (S-LSA) certificate on July 21. The certification represents the culmination of three years of design, testing, and attention to the details of complying with all the requirements of the Light Sport Aircraft category.

The next day, Van’s East Coast representative Mitchell Lock flew his first Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) version. Built in Mitch’s Maryland shop, “New Blue” is the first RV-12 built outside Van’s factory.

The easily removable wings, simple construction and traditional “RV” handling qualities of the RV-12 have made the airplane a favorite with Light Sport aircraft builders. Two hundred and fifty RV-12s are under construction in several different countries.

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