New Aircraft Spruce catalog available

3dcatalogAircraft Spruce & Specialty began distributing printed copies and CD versions of its new 2009-2010 catalog at EAA’s AirVenture 2009, which opened today.

With more than 800 pages, the Aircraft Spruce catalog has become to aviation what the Sears and Montgomery Ward catalogs were to all Americans a century ago. Few people today begin a homebuilt or restoration project without an Aircraft Spruce catalog, according to company officials, who note that most people who own a certified aircraft find it invaluable for routine maintenance, upgrades, and pilot supplies.

There are hundreds of new products in the catalog, which includes more than 60,000 different items relating to aviation, such as composite, wood and metal construction materials, hardware, airframe parts, engine parts, covering supplies, instruments, avionics, tools, pilot supplies as well as books and videos.

The catalog is free.

For more information: 877-477-7823 or

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