OSH: There’s a Bear around

IMG_6209The Bear 360 looks like an Grumman F8F Bearcat that got stuck in the dryer a little too long. Powered by a 360-hp M14P, the Bear 360 weighs 2,760 lbs at gross and will cruise at 250 knots at sea level. Check out Bear Aircraft online.


  1. Tom Milam says

    Dear Santa Claus:

    I have been a mostly good boy this year.

    Could I have a Bear 360 for Christmas. You can fly it anytime that you would like to.

    Thank you,


  2. Greg says

    Awwwwwesome airplane, I sat in it and asked a bunch of questions. If you are thinking about building a RV-8, this is really what you had in mind as far as a finished project is concerned. The only problem or so it would seem is that somebody else will do the building, namely the manufacturer. Watched it fly on Sunday morning great sound and it moved right out, cool approach back into OSH, it moves like a real P-51 thru the air. I am out looking for a way to come up with 285,000.

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