BD-4 debuts C model


MEDINA, Ohio — BedeCorp, in honor of it’s 40th anniversary, has debuted the BD-4C. The update simplified construction and adds comfort with a wider cabin (46″), a longer fuselage (14 more inches) and a new all-metal wing.

See the innovative BD-4C firsthand by joining us in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. If you can’t make the trip, you can learn more by calling 330-239-1468 or 330-721-9999. Email your questions & requests to


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    The BD-4 is no doubt a superb aifrcraft, but the Fox Trot 4 and Tango 2, both built by Team Tango Aircraft company, are basically a BD-4 with major improvements. The Team Tango series offers a much improved planform and a better power to weight ratio resulting improved efficiency and endurance.

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