NPR hatchet job

The National Public Radio show All Things Considered discussed uncontrolled airspace following the Hudson River midair from last weekend. (Read transcript or listen to FAA: Midair Collision Mirrors Other Near-Misses from Monday, August 10). Author Frank James wrote on “the two-way blog to follow up the radio interview. To say it was less-than-stellar is an understatement.

“Not only did he find that nearly half of the [near-miss] reports came from uncontrolled airspace; he also learned that three-quarters of all the near-misses involved aircraft being operated under visual flight rules.”

There is no context to the data offered until a reader wanders down to the comments area. For that matter, from the about quote we can infer than MORE than half of near-miss reports come in controlled airspace. Using my logic, if we want to reduce the amount of near-miss reports, we should reduce the amount of controlled airspace.

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