LoPresti offers see and be seen assistance

New pilot operating practices recently announced by the FAA will require pilots to use specific radio frequencies for the Hudson River and the East River, will set speeds at 140 knots or less, and will require pilots to turn on anti-collision devices, position or navigation equipment and landing lights.

The primary reason “Lights On 24/7” has not been adopted by general aviation is cost, according to officials at LoPresti Aviation. Lights burn out, labor is expensive and in some cases, alternator load is an actual safety of flight problem, so the lights stay off.

“It’s just dumb”, says Curt LoPresti, president/CEO of LoPresti Aviation. “We need to change these practices and agree that safety is our primary consideration.”

PowerPulseSmLoPresti SpeedMerchants was the first aviation engineering corporation to develop Xenon lighting for aircraft, he noted. “We’ve pioneered high output lighting combined with low amperage draw (in most cases 5 times the light at half the amperage and much lower heat),” he said. “Our STC’d systems for certified aircraft have a 5,000-hour warranty, eliminating any reason to turn your lights off while flying. Combined with our new PowerPulse flashing unit (pictured), conspicuity is increased 1,000 times.”

Through the end of September, LoPresti will include a free Pulsing unit with all of its lighting products to any aircraft flying along the Hudson River corridor.

“Be smart, be seen,” said LoPresti.

For more information: 800-859-4757 or LoPrestiAviation.com.

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