The future of aviation’s workforce

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) has released a report on strategies to strengthen the current and future aerospace workforce.

Based on AIAA’s May 2009 “Inside Aerospace Forum” for aviation and space leaders from around the world, the report notes the issues posed by an aging workforce, and sets out strategies to retain current professionals and to build the workforce of the future.

“The report identifies key areas where action must be taken, and offers effective and practical solutions that can be implemented across all strata of the community to ensure that aerospace remains a strong, vibrant sector of the world economy,” said AIAA President Dave Thompson.

Topics explored by the report include:

— The effect of the educational and social environment on the workforce and the changes that must be made to retain the current workforce;

— Obstacles and solutions in employee recruitment and retention and how employers must implement immediate solutions to stem the decline in the workforce;

— Increasing the exposure of aerospace to the general public to inspire students to become a part of the next generation of aerospace; and

— Increasing gender and racial diversity in the aerospace workforce.

The entire report is available for download at


  1. Caroline d'Otreppe says

    The New England Air Museum has been supporting the science curriculum of local schools at the 4th and 8th grade levels with programs called, “Airplanes, Force and Motion”, and “Airplanes, Speed and Motion” over the past two years. These programs have introduced students to how an airplane works, how and why airplanes have changed over time, and contributions made by the local aerospace industry. Funding for these programs has come from foundations and local industry. About ten school districts have made this a part of their science curriculum dependent on funding. With drops in available funding, the museum is actively seeking new collaborations that will support this endeavor to inspire students to explore careers in aerospace.

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