Strong survive tough economy


We continue to see the effects of the last year of economic turmoil in LSA market shares.

An updated ranking of market share shows the top 20 (of 70 total) producers still represent almost 90% of total SLSA registrations. (For the record: Registrations on the FAA’s database are not the same as sales. Aircraft can be registered and not sold. Aircraft also can be identified as sold yet no longer registered, for example, if removed from service due to a non-repairable crash. To get some idea of the work my associate Jan Fridrich does to collect this information, look at the FAA’s database.)

SplogChartRemos continues its solid 2008 performance. In the 16-month period since Jan. 1, 2008, the German brand is the leader with 73 units registered, followed by familiar names, in order: Flight Design 62; Tecnam 49; Czech Aircraft Works 44; Jabiru 32; American Legend 27; AMD 23; CubCrafters 22; Aeropro 14, plus Evektor and TL Ultralight at 12 each. These 11 brands registered 74% of all new SLSAs.

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