Larkins ranks #1 on 30 Under 30 list

Jamail Larkins - Inc. 30 Under 30

Pages 70 and 71 from the October 2009 issue of Inc. magazine.

I’ve know Jamail Larkins for about half his life. He’s a great guy. Smart, articulate, funny, good looking and a passionate pilot. So it shouldn’t have been a surprise when I opened my October 2009 issue of Inc. magazine at saw Jamail staring me down from page 3 (the Table of Contents – below) and page 70 (above). Turns out Jamail is Inc. magazines top-ranked 30 Under 30 “wunderkind”. You can read their profile here. (However, be warned, the photo on the Inc. website is wrong [it is from last year], and there are a few typos. (I think the story is to go live in early October – or thereabouts). Congratulations Jamail.

Jamail Larkins

Jamail Larkins on the Table of Contents of the October 2009 issue of Inc. magazine.

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