A first look at new LSA tandems


Here come the new tandems — and I do mean new!

Suspending a full flight trial regime, U.S.-based MySky One took a long maiden voyage from Daytona Beach, Florida, to Oshkosh. Just last month, the Slovak Republic-based sportShark, from Shark.Aero, took its first flight.

MySky One

MySky One



Tandems seat the occupants fore and aft like some existing SLSA models but that’s where the similarities end. One and sportShark are clean-sheet designs aimed at performance and comfort, where all tandems presently approved are recreational aircraft.

Other than the composite Sky Arrow, all other seven tandems in the SLSA list are simpler, first-generation designs. All are fabric covered. None are speedsters. One and sportShark are second-generation designs. In both cases they were created after the Light Sport rules and ASTM industry-standards certification. Each has been some years in development.

But why tandem? Those who prefer tandem note several reasons: Many flights are one-place, so you aren’t seated off to one side; tandem is leaner and more efficient; and has a high-end sports car look.

For more information: MySky.aero or Shark.aero.

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