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What & Why – GAFuels is your source for up-to-date information concerning fuels for sport aviation. The primary focus is on:

  • Availability of 100LL
  • Progress on finding a replacement for 100LL
  • Availability of Mogas
  • Influence of ethanol production mandates on Mogas availability
  • Effects of ethanol-blended Mogas on aircraft and their engines
  • Efforts by various organizations to influence aviation fuel policies at the state and federal level

Who we are – Three private pilots who are concerned about the future availability of fuels for piston-engine aircraft.

  • Dean Billing (Sisters, Ore.) – an expert on autogas and ethanol
  • Kent Misegades (Cary, N.C.) – an aerospace engineer and aviation journalist
  • Todd Petersen (Minden, Neb.) – former aerial applicator and owner of more than 150 Mogas STCs for aircraft

We welcome your input:

  • Status of 100LL and Mogas at your favorite airfields (see our list of airports with Mogas)
  • Any pertinent news you learn concerning aviation fuels
  • Your own experience with various fuels in aircraft

We look forward to the dialog with you. Let’s work together to assure a future supply of safe and affordable fuels for general aviation.

For some background on our chief concerns, please review our article, Fuels for Sport Aircraft: The Looming Crisis.

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