Flight for the Human Spirit pilot earns his Sport Pilot ticket

Justin Shelley and Michael Combs

Justin Shelley and Michael Combs

A pilot who plans a 50 state tour in an LSA has passed an important milestone: Michael Combs recently earned his Sport Pilot’s license.

Working with US Aviation in Denton, Texas, Combs did his flight training in his REMOS GX, dubbed “Hope One.” He completed his check ride in just over 43 hours of training. Because of his intended 135-stop “Flight For The Human Spirit,”Combs earned his endorsement for entering Class B airspace and took some extra long cross country flights. He hopes to have his total time up to 100 hours by the time he launches his tour on April 4, 2010.

US Aviation, a REMOS dealer, specializes in training Sport and professional pilots. Instructors said they took  additional training steps to ensure that Combs can handle the task he has set for himself.

Combs will be using a satellite tracking system that will allow his mission control to update his location every two minutes that he is airborne. The information will be automatically advanced to his website where he will also be directing in-flight commentary filmed through a computer video link. He will supplement that information with weather reports captured on a net book computer with updated charts and will maintain contact with his mission control via satellite phone. On board the aircraft he will have XM satellite weather access. The aircraft will have a Bluetooth link for internal communications and will automatically forward Twitters from the cockpit. Though his focus will always be on flying the aircraft, he will be assisted by an autopilot tied into the GPS system. The electronic features he plans on using may be available as options to REMOS owners.

Combs has calculated the trip will take 40 flight days. With anticipated weather delays, he expects to complete the trip in about 63 to 75 days.

“’The Flight For The Human Spirit’ is proof of human capability and of accomplishing what you are able to dream,” said Combs. “I’d like to show the country that a Sport Pilot license is a passport to unlimited adventure and the REMOS GX is an ideal LSA aircraft for realizing that adventure. This is a celebration of freedom.”

For more information: FlightForTheHumanSpirit.com or Remos.com.

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