SimCom unveils MU-2 maintenance training

SimCom Training Centers now has available MU-2 Maintenance Training for aircraft owners, operators, mechanics and technicians. The week-long course will familiarize mechanics and technicians new to the MU-2 about type-specific inspection requirements and maintenance procedures, according to SimCom officials.

Classroom training is combined with hands-on aircraft instruction by field service experts for the purpose of providing a practical learning experience that can be immediately applied in the shop, officials note. Training utilizes state-of-the-art graphics and animation software, video representations, actual aircraft parts, and documentation manuals, including Mitsubishi’s Aircraft Inspection and Maintenance Requirements Manual (MR-0179-2). Instruction and demonstrations will be further enhanced via the utilization of the MU-2 aircraft. Maintenance professionals from authorized MU-2 service centers will conduct hands-on inspections, and representatives from Turbine Aircraft Services will address the support of the MU-2 aircraft available through various publications and technical assistance.

Jim Treadwell, MU-2 program coordinator for SimCom, will serve as the course instructor and facilitator. Treadwell holds an ATP for both single and multi-engine aircraft and has logged over 23,000 hours. He is a Master CFI as well as an A&P/IA. Employed by SimCom for 10 years as a flight instructor, Treadwell became the MU-2 program coordinator when the company became the only manufacturer-authorized MU-2 training facility for pilot and maintenance training in December 2001.

SimCom’s “inaugural” MU-2 maintenance training was held at Intercontinental Jet in Tulsa, Okla., earlier this year, and the second course was recently conducted at Jet Air Corporation in Green Bay, Wis. SimCom’s goal is to hold two MU-2 Maintenance Training courses each year. It has tentatively planned another course for the spring of 2010 at a service center location to be determined.

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