Courtesy celebrates milestones

Over the past 50 years, Courtesy Aircraft Sales has earned a reputation as a leader in warbird sales. Recently the company celebrated two milestones: Selling 100 North American AT-6s (also known as SNJs or Harvards) and 30 North American P-51 Mustangs in the past decade.



Considering the rarity of these ex-military aircraft, this is one accomplishment that comes far and few between, according to company officials. For example, today there are approximately 350 North American AT-6s that are airworthy. Courtesy Aircraft has sold approximately 30% of all airworthy AT-6 aircraft — and not all have been on the market. In fact, company officials note that Courtesy Aircraft has sold more North American aircraft than any other company besides North American Aviation itself.

“It is a pleasure to be part of the history of these aircraft,” said Mark Clark, president. “I continue to be impressed with the enthusiasm shown by the public for these symbols of freedom.”

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