Grob to add BRS chutes

Grob Aircraft, headquartered in Mattsies, Germany, has partnered with BRS Aerospace of South St. Paul, Minnesota, to design a BRS ballistic parachute aircraft recovery system for Grob’s line of aircraft.

The move is designed to “further enhance our competitive advantage,” said Andre Hiebeler, chief sales officer and co-CEO of Grob. “We want to provide our customers with the safest possible product at the best value, and having the BRS parachute system aboard our aircraft will add tremendously to this goal.”

Larry Williams, CEO and president of BRS Aerospace, added, “Grob, with over 3,500 aircraft flying, coupled with their continual ability to advance the technological and innovative quality of their aircraft line, is highly esteemed throughout the aviation industry. We at BRS Aerospace look forward to furthering our role in providing life saving technology to this expanding world wide market.”

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