Climategate scandal widens

21st Century science should be good science, but it isn’t.  Climategate scientists prove that money talks. This opinion piece from the Wall Street Journal documents how man-made global-warming theorists have been manipulating data in their efforts to maintain funding of pet projects.  Given that such theories provide a fundamental justification for the pursuit of “renewable” energy such as ethanol, the fallout from this international scandal could — and should — lead to reconsideration of the EISA 2007 mandates for ethanol production, the reason that a supply of lead-free aviation fuel is rapidly disappearing in the U.S.

The GAfuels Blog is written by three private pilots concerned about the future availability of fuels for piston-engine aircraft. They are:

  • Dean Billing (Sisters, Ore.) – an expert on autogas and ethanol
  • Kent Misegades (Cary, N.C.) – an aerospace engineer and aviation journalist
  • Todd Petersen (Minden, Neb.) – former aerial applicator and owner of more than 150 Mogas STCs for aircraft

For a list of airports that have ethanol-free fuel and those no longer pumping it, compiled by the authors, follow this link.


  1. Todd Petersen says

    No one said that research shouldn’t be funded. What we have said is that ethanol is not the answer, not even part of the answer. But if everyone insists, then at least provide some non ethanol gas for airplanes, boats and antique engines. That amount isn’t going to matter in the big scheme of things. Research on ethanol was and continues to be deliberately misleading. It’s not an unreasonable request. THAT is what this blog is about.

  2. Kent Misegades says

    Tony, there is plenty to debate on this topic. I have worked in the atmospheric modeling community. There are indeed many honest researchers there, but their skepticism towards global warming theorists has been ignored or suppressed. That’s the smoking gun in Climate-Gate, that a consensus does not exist and that theorists choose ostracism over honest debate. What is mankind’s biggest crisis? I would argue it’s creeping socialism in America, killing Capitalism, the engine of the world’s strongest economy.

  3. Tony Bishop says

    So, mankind faces it’s biggest ever crisis, and we’re not supposed to fund serious research to understand the problem better? It would be a far greater scandal if people like Phil Jones were not asked to do more.

    And I know some of the leading scientists in this field. They are some of the most objective, intelligent, trustworthy individuals I’ve met. And I’ve also met senior people from several oil companies; desperate to protect their huge bonuses by increasing production at any price. Preferably by burying their heads in (oil) sands.

    Come on, read the research properly ( and face the truth.

    PS, I love flying, but I’m also very keen to do it as efficiently as possible.

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