Diamond completes first AE300 conversion

Just over a year ago, Diamond Aircraft announced plans to offer owners of DA42 TDI aircraft two new options: Upgrade to Lycoming avgas-burning engines or to the new Austro Engines AE 300 turbo diesel engines that burn jet fuel. Late this summer, Diamond began delivering Lycoming-powered DA42 L360 aircraft and completing Lycoming upgrades for DA42 TDI aircraft. In November, the company successfully completed the first DA42 TDI to Austro Engines conversion for the European University College CESDA.

During the conversion the two TAE diesel engines were swapped for two new diesel Austro Engines (AE300). Other necessary adoptions were performed to change the plane to a “New Generation” aircraft, company officials said.

Under the supervision of Günther Weinhart, head of the Upgrade DA42NG Program, there are two other customers, Stapleford Flying Club Ltd. and Halfpenny Green Flying Club, in the process of converting their aircraft, officials add.

Diamond Aircraft officials expect that the upgrade program should not take longer than two to four weeks.

For more information: DiamondAircraft.com or upgrade42@diamond-air.at

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