China’s first experimental

FirChinese national XueQiang Si is building a Sportsman 2+2 at Glasair’s Two Weeks To Taxi program and, upon completion, will fly it to China. XueQiang Si, who will base his plane in city of Laiwu, in Shandong province, reports that his Sportsman will be the first experimental category aircraft to fly in the People’s Republic of China.

“There is no homebuilt category in China yet,” XueQiang Si says. “I will fly it with an ‘N’ number first.”

XueQiang Si says he selected the Glasair Sportsman because of its STOL performance and because of the Two Weeks to Taxi program, which enables customers to build the entire aircraft in two weeks. “It was perfect for me because I not only saved so much time in building the aircraft, I also learned what I need to know to maintain my Sportsman,” XueQiang Si says.

Glasair’s Two Weeks to Taxi program complies with the FAA’s new 51% rules, allowing customers to build the high-wing four-seat Sportsman with guidance from factory mechanics, according to company officials.

XueQiang Si’s Sportsman will feature one of the most advanced instrument panels of any aircraft coming from the Two Weeks to Taxi program to date and will include state-of-the-art Advanced Flight System LCD glass screens with synthetic vision and a VP-200 Climate Control System.

“I am so excited about building and flying my Sportsman that I am planning an around the world flight,” XueQiang Si says.

For more information: or 360-435-8533.


  1. Thomas Hsueh says

    Dear Editor,

    I had buit three experimental aircrafts in Zhuhai China before CAAC formally ruled that this category of aircraft would not be allowed to fly in China. These aircrafts togehter with a Seawing and a number of other experimental aircrafts in Zhuhai and elswhere in China are grounded. I would very much like to know from Mr. Xue if the rule has been changed. Could you provide me with the contact number and address of of Mr. Xue. My phone number is 350 299 9288. Thanks.


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